Journey Christian Ministries



  • Lack congruency in your Christian faith and life behaviors 
  • Feel conflicted about your feelings, thoughts or actions
  • Are in need of a safe and confidential place to talk
  • Would like to understand more about your struggles
  • Are wanting to experience life change



  • Assisting parents with "out-of-control" or "high risk" adolescents
  • Addiction (substance abuse, pornography, sexual)
  • Working with men and women struggling with same-sex attraction
  • Pre-marital and marital counseling
  • ADD, ADHD, and Asperger Syndrome
  • Divorce recovery and bereavement
  • OCD




To further acquaint you with us -

In our work with individuals, couples and groups:

We hold firmly to Biblical values and principles without being simplistic in interpretation or application.

We are process-oriented without losing sight of goals.

We are professional in ethics and approach while maintaining a ministry focus and atmosphere.

We utilize sound therapeutic techniques under the guidance and control of the Holy Spirit.

We offer a sliding scale to assist those who would otherwise be unable to receive care.

OUR STAFF consists of carefully selected Christian individuals committed to personal, spiritual and psychological accountability.  They receive the highest quality of training and supervision on a regular basis.

WE BELIEVE God created us in His image for the purpose of relationship.  But since we live in a fallen world, people experience limitations in their ability to connect in a healthy manner, and often make choices contrary to God's design that are destructive to themselves and others.  This is evidenced in marital conflict, parent-child problems, addictions, sexual identity issues, depression, and many other spiritual, psychological, and social problems.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to provide dedicated care to help people grow in healthy relationship with God and others. This counseling ministry is performed by degreed pastoral counselors with specialized clinical training.


Journey Christian Ministries is an approved referral of "Exodus International"