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Junior Program (ages 7-11)

Our junior program prepares kids to become serious Martial Artists when they become of age. Our classes are both fun and focused, and we teach legitimate Martial Arts skills in a traditional environment while keeping age appropriate expectations and without using old school teaching methods that are abusive to children. Our goal is to inspire a love of Martial Arts in children, not extiquish their passion for it with militant teaching methods and high, unrealistic expectations.

Adults Program (ages 12+)

Our adults gain serious Martial Arts training. We offer a complete program, including Forms, Practical Application, Sparring, Weapons, Conditioning, Recovery, and more. Our training is designed to be accessible and comfortable for everyone, from the most timid, fragile person, all the way up to the toughest athlete. No matter your physical condition or age, the best time to start is NOW, you have a place here, and it is never too late!

Crashing Waters TaeKwonDo

Crashing Waters TaeKwonDo is a combat-focused style of Old School American TaeKwonDo that includes Practical Applications of traditional techniques, Conditioning, Recovery, and age- appropriate kids programs.
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